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    The Basement Tour


    While cleaning out the basement, I've seen things I've not seen in a number of months, even years.  My tendency is to be a thrower away of stuff.  This leads to lots of family bargaining. 

    Everyone in the house gets a tad nervous when I go down to the basement to organize.  Over the past few years they've effectively trained me to get approval.

    Our basement has helmets for football players whose draft possibilities have long since passed. We have old books which have been conveniently replaced by i-pads.  My wife still has her pom-poms from cheerleading in high school. They’ve lost their luster but we can’t seem to get rid of them. We’ve got awards, skateboards, typewriters, baby shoes, microwaves, coffee cans of nails, Furbies, Rubiks Cubes, lava lamps (first generation), video tapes, rollerblades of all sizes, Nintindo video games- the ones that work if you blow on them. Most items have traveled in the same box from New Orleans, to Amarillo, and three different homes in Nashville. Yes, it’s embarrassing. We’ve got beanie babies, overalls, flare jeans, ballroom dresses, and lots of bubble wrapped things sacred artifacts.

    But this spring we will do it.  We’ll have a garage sale, the scope of which will rival the Dollar Tree.  And we might make upwards of 100 dollars!

    It’s uncanny how often I see couples like us- an accumulator married to a discarder.

    As I look at the things we have, I'm reminded that we aren't in God's basement.  He hasn't placed any of us in a musty box waiting for our moment to rise to the main floor.  GOD USES EVERYTHING.  He has not shelved you.  He has not pushed you out to the curb holding a sign which reads: “Free Dude.”  You are on the main floor.

    The fact that God would choose me to father such amazing sons and be the husband of such a patient, loving wife is astounding to me. Perhaps you have the same thought.  Why does God keep me around these days when more often than not I fail more than I succeed?  It’s at those moments of epic failure that I remember that the Kingdom of God is not a flea market.  As rough as we are God uses everything to weave amazing stories:

    The recovering drug addict, the guy who had an awful marriage and worked to make it incredible, the kid who grew up in a dysfunctional family, the person who has a chronic disease, the woman who experienced sexual abuse, the guy who was unemployed for three months, the stutterer, the kid with down’s syndrome, the family whose house was robbed while they were on vacation, the former stripper, the couple that faced infertility, the guy who went for help for his addiction to porn, the blind guy, the man who lost his wife, the grandmother who lost connection with her grandchildren, the child of alcoholic parents, the parents of an autistic child, the falsely accused. 

    None of these people are stuffed in a ratty box in God’s eternal basement. These are his prized redeemed possessions!  And you and I, wives, husbands, single moms and dads, kids, orphans, young, old, rich, poor… We are all invited out of our boxes and basements to be on display as objects of God’s great love.

    Well, back to the basement.  Anyone want an old DC Talk Cassette? Hit me up.