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    He’s Worthy

    When He cried out in the garden in the cool of the evening, He was worthy.
    When He flung a rainbow across a waterlogged world, He was worthy.
    When He whispered in the ear of an old, old man and said, “It’s a boy,” He was worthy.

    When He walked with a young songwriter/shepherd and heard “surely goodness and mercy” for the first time ever, He was worthy.
    When He spoke through mules and on walls and in furnaces, He was worthy.
    And when He, through unequaled grace, stepped into flesh and became like us, He was worthy.
    When He spit in mud to open eyes,
    When He loosed the captives,
    When He turned over the tables in the temple,
    When He calmed the torrent,
    When He stooped to reconcile,
    When He fed the masses,
    When He washed the calloused,
    When He touched the untouchables
    When He (wonder of all wonders—this precious truth!) open-handedly stretched out His arms on an old Judean beam (could it be?) and bore the anger, sin, rebellion, pride, and idolatry of us all, He was worthy.
    He was worthy when He breathed His last.
    He was worthy when the Roman seal was plastered on that borrowed tomb.
    He was worthy when no one believed anymore.
    And when the grave could hold Him no more,
    When He felt the vibration of His own creation,
    When the veil was shredded, and when the accuser was silenced,
    ransoming the souls of a multitude of millions in one weekend, HE WAS WORTHY!
    And when I look at who I am, and then realize who He is, I can’t help proclaiming,
    “You are worthy. You are worthy. You are worthy.”

    So now two words that should always unite us, and despite style, taste, or reason, should never divide us—

    Let’s worship!

    Written by Matt Tullos, unless otherwise noted.

    Printed from Actors Not Included: 303 Dramatic Scripts for the Church.

    © 1999 LifeWay Christian Resources