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    press kit

    Matt Tullos has been interpreting the truth of the Gospel to youth and adults through preaching, teaching, writing, drama and seminar presentations for over 20 years. He has served in five churches in the role of Youth Pastor, Associate Pastor and Pastor. Matt's works have been published by Broadman& Holman, LifeWay, Group Inc., Convention Press, Church Street Press, Genevox, and Focus on the Family. Matt and his wife Darlene are both graduates of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with Masters of Arts Degrees in Communications.

    Matt is currently senior pastor of Bluegrass Baptist Church, Hendersonville TN. Matt and Darlene are proud parents of four sons: Isaac, Jacob, Nathan, and Caleb.

    Mission Statement: “God had called me to be an active participant in the warfare of grace rather than a spectator in the warfare of religion.”