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    my favorite movies

    • Babette's Feast
      Mgm/Ua Studios

      I could go on and on about this one, but when i saw it, i gained a new understanding about what it means to be a servant of God. Granted this is not a "religious film" but for me it was a worship experience and an epiphany about what it means to lavish people with grace and goodness.

    • Brother Sun, Sister Moon
      Paramount Home Video

      Wanrning: This movie was panned by most critics who love to make fun of it's idealistic nature. For me though it was an introduction to the guy i really hope to get to know well in heaven- St. Francis. The film is beautiful and the message is equally beautiful.

    • The Elephant Man
      Paramount Home Video

      John Merrick has had a great impact on me. In '84 i had the honor of playing him at Louisiana College. I enjoyed the experience but more than that i was brought into a new period of realization of the difference between agape love and human love. The movie is very different from the stage play but both are incredible works.

    • Chariots of Fire
      Warner Studios

      The incredible story of eric liddle. perhaps one of the greatest men every to grace this earth. the film is a masterpiece. i've watched this film more times than any other film. beautiful and inspiring.

    • The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
      Warner Home Video

      perhaps one of the greatest adaptations of a book to the big screen. this movie really digs deep into the question of unconditional servanthood and grace. most of my friends that have seen this have said it was just depressing. I found it to be an achievement. i totally believed arkin's work in this.

    • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
      Columbia/Tristar Studios

      o.k. i admit that i'm a sucker for idealism when played by the great Jimmy Stewart.

    • Dead Poets Society
      Touchstone Video

      i loved the passion of this movie. the concept that we have to make the life we're living count for something. "Make your lives extraordinary!" May I never forget that challenge.

    • What's Eating Gilbert Grape
      Paramount Home Video

      Simple movie. Incredible performances. Daring director. Another movie about servanthood and unconditional love.

    • Ordinary People
      Paramount Studio

      i saw this movie on my senior trip. the first r rater movie i had ever seen. and i don't like recommending r rated shows but this one i recommend because it is such an honest story about grief, depression and recovery. All the actors turned in incredible performances and it's a movie i'll never forget.

    • Signs (Vista Series)
      Touchstone Pictures

      i know the critics pretty much panned this blockbuster but i was moved and surprised by this "faith" story