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    Manning: True Identity

    "Our longing to know who we really are—which is the source of all our discontent—will never be satisfied until we confront and accept our solitude. There we discover that the truth of our belovedness is really true. Our identity rests in God’s relentless tenderness for us revealed in Jesus Christ."


    Amy Carmichael

    "You can always give without loving, but you can never love without giving."


    Missionary in India, who opened an orphanage and founded a mission in Dohnavur. She served in India for 55 years without furlough and wrote many books about the missionary work there.



    Mother Teresa's encouragement to me this morning


     People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.  Forgive them anyway.

    If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.  Be kind anyway.

     If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.  Succeed anyway.

    If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.  Be honest and sincere anyway.

    What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.  Create anyway.

     If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.  Be happy anyway.

     The good you do today, will often be forgotten.  Do good anyway.

    Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.  Give your best anyway.

    In the final analysis, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them anyway.