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    Revelation Sunday at BBC


    a little poem for the sermon....

    Jesus told of a day at the end of the age
    when all of mankind will be on judgement's stage
    He'll separate the good from the bad
    Not by how many lessons we've had
    not by how many sermons we've preached
    or by how many already saved people we've reached
    many who'll look upon Jesus that day
    And with zealous pride thousands will say
    haven't we followed the plan by the book
    open the portfolio please, take a look
    we've cast out demons, we've proclaimed- yes it's true
    and God will reply I do not know you.
    I was sick and you never looked after me.
    I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat
    I was in prison and you never darkened my door
    I was thirsty and never a drink did you pour
    I was naked and freezing on cold winter days
    And you gave me nothing but Christian clich├ęs
    When did we see you, the crowd will all wonder
    naked, cold, hungry, starving, imprisoned down under?
    Then there eyes will be opened and yes they will see
    What you did not do for them you did not do for me.
    This contest isn't a race to see who will be first
    but who can stave a lost persons thirst.