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    blow by blow...

    Back at the office after a little running around. Celebrated GB's birthday today and went to lunch with him, Chris, and Judi. Great time to laugh and decompress for a moment. Then back to the writing. I am feeling especially productive right now. I'm probably going to work on one more Experiencing God sketch and then begin working in Final Cut Pro.



    Finished another expense report, still unpacking and trying to catch up on calls, emails, and deadlines.

    Caleb is doing so well in school now. We've been worried about his school experience because he's so unstructured and would rather play pretend, dance, and stay loose and flexible in his own peculiar way. He's very interested now in the learning process. Letters and numbers still appear backwards a little less than half the time.

    Jacob is getting ready to be in another of Josh and Beth's Christmas shows. Same show- I think they're just tweaking it a little.

    Isaac has asked if he can go to the Homecoming at his old school and I'm struggling with what I should say. Lord give me wisdom to know what to do.


    Mike Yacanelli Quote

    People are scared to death of grace. They absolutely are scared to death of it. They are so worried that if you believe it, that if you take it seriously, that if you buy into the fact that you’re unconditionally loved by God, forgiven by him and liked by God, that you’re going to abuse it. They think that you’re going to use that as an excuse to live like hell.

    God is not an arbitrary rule-maker; He’s a lover. And He is seeking to love us no matter what. Yes, of course we want to be holy and we want to be as holy as we can be, but you know what? I don’t think we have any idea what holiness looks like. When you look at the saints, when you look at the disciples, you go, " …if that’s holiness, I’m in!"

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