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    It's Rising


    From a midnight shroud of sorrows...
    it's rising.
    Through the bliss of a sudden dawning sky...
    it's breaking free.
    A joy above my desolation
    A bliss beyond my deepest desperation
    It's rising.
    Your grace, your justice, your promise is rising
    I'm hidden in your mercy
    I'm compelled to lands unknown.
    I'm restored in every shadow
    led through passages of alone
    It's rising, ever rising
    This blessed Hope is rising in me.




    Just details from Wednesday

    Yesterday was simply work, lunch with Breena and Allan, more work, dropped by Mom's to deliver ginger, church (Good group there by the way) and then to Planet Fitness. Still feeling some discomfort around my lower esophagus. (Label that under too much information) then to bed.  Today should be a little lighter.


    Praying for Baton Rouge

    It's hard to see such a horrible tragedy in my hometown. Praying for reconciliation, healing and hope.  Lord, bring peace to the African American community and may all races come together.  Lord, out of this mess I pray for revival. I ask for truth to reign and for all to see it.


    Jesus is a Gentleman

    Perhaps it was all that fiery fundamentalist preaching I heard growing up or maybe because I had coaches that only spoke in loud, louder, and ear-ringing, facemask-grabbing vibrato. But I imagined God’s voice as a booming voice. However, I’ve learned that if you want to hear His voice, you’ve got to lean in a little. He speaks softly. He whispers. And so often listening involves shutting everything else off.

     Elijah learned this lesson at a low-point in his life when he was running scared from a controlling, powerful woman.  That must have been quite a day!  He wakes up to the aroma of fresh bread baked by an angel. Sometimes when we are exhausted and emotionally drained, the best thing we can do is to have a bite to eat.  There’s something wonderfully sacred about that. Notice, God didn’t strike him dead for his lack of heroism and abundance of fear. He fed him. That’s grace. Elijah went into solitude for forty days. He heard the wind. God wasn’t there. He heard the fire.  Nope. Not there either. Then he heard God in a whisper. Are you taking the time to listen to the voice of God? His voice is grace and nourishment for the hungry soul, like freshly baked bread over an open fire. His ready to speak, but Jesus is a gentleman. He’ll never interrupt.


    Just details

    • Finished about half of freelance this weekend.  
    • Tomorrow Darlene and I will have lunch with Breena and Alan. 
    • I can't believe we got Kevin Durant! 
    • Nathan'snow moved into Chatanooga and got a job.
    • Caleb Begins his first day of Bootcamp today.
    • I'm going to try to knock out three more devotionals tonight 
    • I also want to get in a workout.
    • I slowly getting my hum back on the writing front.  (Need that!)



    10 Lessons you Won't learn in Seminary Video


    The 4th of July

    Enjoying a day to work on assignments and just take a break from the building. I'm working on BSFL Questions and activities and on Stand Firm devotionals.  Other than that, it's really coming down hard right now. Hopefully it will fill up the pool some. 

    Truth from Bob Sorge:

    “The nature of the enemy's warfare in your life is to cause you to become discouraged and to cast away your confidence. Not that you would necessarily discard your salvation, but you could give up your hope of God's deliverance.”